[Arachne] Flirt

It’s time to get your Flirt on, girls!

A decidedly and unashamedly cheeky little summer dress that will have them all watching your every move. The cut outs of the top will leave your nipples peeking out, which the Masters will love. We just know how much they adore giving us a bit of a tweak as we walk by.

Flirt will provide you with bangles, earrings, armband, your choice of mesh or flexi prim skirt and Omega appliers. All you need to do is perfect is that angelic smile and the devilish wink to get the foolproof flirt going.

[Arachne] Soft Seduction

Soft and feminine but undeniably practical. Soft Seduction is sure to be a favorite this spring. Soft pastels combined with carelessly knotted cottons, the perfect “I-just-threw-this-on” outfit.

Outfit includes wrap top (on Jacket and Shirt Layers), flexi prim skirt in slender and curvy fit, earrings, hairband and omega appliers.

[Arachne] Wrapped

Summer romance with a touch of flirty fun, Dandelions dance across this soft linen dress, designed with warmer days in mind. your choice of fun pastels teamed with bright heart dotted earrings.

Set includes; Camisk on Jacket & Shirt Layers, Flexi Prim Skirt, Earrings, and Omega Appliers.

[Arachne] Watercolor

Summer romance with a touch of flirty fun, Watercolor is soft whites with patches of pretty pastel accents. each color comes with a matching straw hat, earrings, bracelet and your choice of skirts, either with, or without flowers.

[Arachne] Dolce

[Arachne] Dolce - Blue


Just in time for summer – Dolce

The name may be sweet and innocent, but this dress is unashamedly revealing and alluring. Panels of hand dyed linen mingle with knotted hemp fishnet to swirl about the legs with each step. A wide brimmed straw hat and peacock feather earrings complete this go-anywhere set.

Arachne News – March 2016

Welcome to March!

Wow, another month down already. Time just seems to whiz by so fast these days. February was full of loads of fun and amazing happenings.

The birthday sale was a blast. Having a flash sale that only lasted an hour meant that instead of making a flying visit, many of you came down and hung out for a while. Pudding joined me in store and we both got to meet so many new faces, I loved having the chance to connect with you, if only for a short while.

Have you met Pudding? she is usually around in the store group or wandering SL taking all kinds of amazing pictures. It’s Pudding that is responsible for much of the stunning content on the Arachne Flickr page.

The Rogues Gallery is slowly growing into an ever changing display of your lovely pictures. As each new picture comes in, I replace the oldest one on display. The replaced ones move into their respective rooms in the store. Eventually I want a full line up in each room of ever changing pictures. This month I am kicking off the Front Door Challenge. Those huge posters that flank the door are amazing, but I want to be able to change them every couple of months.

Submit your best pictures of you in your Arachne Gear and if my Master picks your photo at the end of March you become the new “door girl” for April and May, AND win your choice of any TWO outfits in store. You can post your pictures on the store Flickr account or you can send me a note-card in world with your Second Life Name and your pictures attached. Please make sure the pictures are full permissions, and that you are wearing Arachne clothing. I need to get the pictures by the 20th of the month.

We have a new blogger on staff! The wonderful Juls has joined us and will be providing her own unique take on new delights that appear in store. Juls is a long time friend and awesome blogger and photographer.. You can check out her fashion blog at juliennsands and watch for her posts on the Arachne blog too!

Alchemy started again today), it runs every month from the 1st through to the 20th. This month the theme is “All about that bass” so in the Arachne stall you will find a collection of my personal favorite butt baring outfits. While the outfits may be familiar to you, many of them are on offer in colors that just are not in store. And all of them are marked down to 65L each.

Speaking of marking things down, the pricing in store changed just a little this last month. I have dropped the price of all kirtles and camisks to 115L (down from 119L), and all silks are now down to just 295L (from 299L). I know its a tiny change, and it is only in world. Marketplace still has the slightly higher cost of 119L and 299L. Its a small incentive for you to shop in store. And remember, when you shop in store, a small percentage of the cost of your outfit is put aside in a store account in your name. Think of it as a Linden Savings account that you can use towards the cost of more lovely things!

Because I was laid low with the flu for nearly half of this month there was only actually one new release:

But, a couple of outfits did get dusted off and have omega appliers added to them:􀀌􀀍􀀎􀀏􀀝



As always, the build your own fat pack deal is in effect. Arachne is the only store i know of that lets YOU decide what outfits are in your fat pack. I promise that every fat pack card dropped to me gets processed within 24 hours. Unless its a Sunday, i typically do not long on on Sundays unless it is an emergency.

􀀖Have a specific outfit in mind but can’t find it anywhere in world? Drop me a line, together we may just be able to create it!

Wishing you all lovely sunny days.


[Arachne] Geisha

[Arachne] Geisha - Black
Geisha – a nod to designs of the Orient.

Definitely not the silks that you see everyday,  and that is part of the charisma of this set.

Geisha is classical in its detailing, from the pattern of the camisk and the styling around the neck and collarbone. The gloves are a touch that speaks of high caste and wealth.

Each set also comes with earrings, stunning in their detail and omega appliers making them compatible with a huge range of mesh bits and bodies.

There is an allure to Geisha, that will leave on lookers staring, fascinated by the sight of this captivating kajira.


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