[Arachne] Alia

[Arachne] Alia - Azure Wave

Inspired by sun drenched tropical islands, the ombre colors of this ornate chalwar dancing set swirl and blend with every movement. An outfit perfect for formal occasions or when you really need to make a statement.

With more than enough parts to mix and match for your own unique look. This huge set contains earrings, necklace, armband, Jacket, bikini top, veil, prim flexi skirt (Slender and Curvy Fit), pants and Omega Appliers.

01/30/2016 only, just 149L!


[Arachne] Shibari

[Arachne] Shibari - Black

With a minimum of means I was held with absolute perfection. A Gorean warrior had bound me.
Slave Girl of Gor, page 207

We all love to be bound for our Owner’s pleasure … who doesn’t adore the feel of binding fibre holding and displaying her? Originally released in 2010 and gone from store for several years, Shibari makes its come back!

Designed to mix and match with the fishnet line of clothing also from Arachne, Shibari features binding fibre wound artfully around slave curves, knotted front and back in a display designed to make any Master itch to unravel them.

Shibari has all the wonderful options you have come to expect from Arachne. Wear it as a brief rope camisk, or, wear the linen skirt for those times you want to pretend to modesty. Shibari comes with Omega Appliers and both slender & curvy fit prim skirts.

[Arachne] Traveling Robes

[Arachne] Traveling Robes - Black

Fully mesh hooded traveling robes with modesty undershirt, perfect for any Free Woman who needs to move from place to place.

Texture change scripted so they match everything, optional hair included.

[Arachne] Traveling Robes - White

[Arachne] Tatters

[Arachne] Tatters - Dots

The very first Weekend Revival brings back rags, rope and fishnet!

When all you have to wear is tattered rags you want them to look this adorable. Fishnet and fun patterns, what more could you want? An artfully torn sassy half top with a fishnet underlayer, combined with a fishnet and cotton skirt barely held around the hips with rope.

Now you might be thinking that doesnt sound very smexy..roughened material, somewhat tattered at the edges, and rope.

Rope not sexy? Please. We all know how hot rope is.

Add to this set slink & omega appliers, chunky wooden bangles, matching earrings AND a matching anklet and you have an outfit fit for anything!

[Arachne] Starfall - Tartan

[Arachne] Tatters - Berries

[Arachne] Tatters - Bloom

[Arachne] Tatters - Bubble

[Arachne] Tatters - Flame

4th Annual Waiting Hand Sale

It’s the final countdown.

Its the last five days of 2015 that means its time for the Annual Arachne Waiting Hand Sale as we countdown to the new year!

Each day a new outfit will be marked down to just 1(ONE!) Linden.

The Catch? i’m not telling you which outfit, you have to find it.

Five Days, Five Outfits, Five Linden.

Happy New Year!


[Arachne] Ugg Boots

[Arachne] Ugg Boots

Choose from three different leather colors, and six different knit colors. 18 separate combinations in one pair of boots!

Just 79L a pair

[Arachne] Juniper

Juniper - by Arachne

Newly updated to include slender & curvy fit skirts and both slink and omega appliers. Juniper is only 60L – but only for today (12/23/2015). Don’t miss out!


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